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The Green Connect Farm - Connecting people and helping the planet

Is it possible to connect people, the community and help the planet with a permaculture farm? The simple and short answer is YES!

Would you like to find out and see for yourself that this principle really works?

Just 90min south of Sydney on our beautiful South Coast of NSW you can find a farm just like this: The Green Connect Farm.

The Green Connect Farm in Warrawong is an 11-acre urban farm that uses permaculture and organic principles to produce fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, honey and free-range meat.

Let me share some amazing details with you. Green Connect is a not-for-profit social enterprise that employs young people and former refugees to grow fair food and reduce waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

Did you know that Green Connect is one of the finalists in not one but three (!!) categories at this year’s Illawarra Business Awards?

Green Connect has been nominated for:

1.) Excellence in Sustainability

2.) Excellence in Workplace Inclusions and

3.) Outstanding Business Leader (Kylie Flament the General Manager of Green Connect)

Green Connect has been creating an urban farm for over 6 years and love sharing this farm with others. The farm is so big that from any one point on the farm you can only see about a third of it! The farm is only open to the public for booked tours and activities at present.

On the Farm Tour you will see and find out how the gardens work, how the food forest is producing food (if you’re lucky you might also get to taste a fruit), and meet the free-range sheep, pigs and/or chickens. Let me tell you the piglets on my tour were absolutely cute. But not only are they cute, they also help dig up the soil on the farm which would otherwise have to be dug up by volunteers and/or helpers. Having the pigs do the job is a win-win for all and is part of the permaculture philosophy.

What is permaculture?

In short permaculture is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

The Green Connect Farm Tour will explain into detail how the farm operates by this principle and how passionate the whole Green Connect Team is about working according to this principle. So, book your personal farm tour right here to find out all about it. Ticket prices are only $22.

Find out

  • what grows best next to each other to avoid nasty pesticides

  • how the farm supports young people and former refugees

  • how the farm has changed the lives of people to the better

  • about workshops to help you make a change in your own garden

  • what you can do to support the farm and its operation

The Green Connect Farm felt like a safe haven to me. Its where people can find peace, relax and connect to nature in a naturally, environmentally friendly way. It is a beautiful way to prepare and work together as a community and to give young people and former refugees a safe place to start their work experience.

And a tip for all the parents reading this article: Green Connect offers a farm experience for kids during the school holidays. Introduce your children to a permaculture farm in a fun and educational way. Kids 0-3 years of age can attend for FREE.

I hope that you will take the time and take a look behind the scenes of this beautiful farm on the South Coast. Hopefully it will inspire you to make small changes in your personal life, just as it inspired me to make a changes for the better.

Come and visit the farm, the op-shop and other events hosted by Green Connect.


Useful Tips:

Are you from Sydney or Canberra? Do you want to do experience something different? Why not make a wonderful daytrip down to the South Coast and check out the Green Connect Farm & Op Shop.

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Enjoy planning!


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