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Glass Bottom Kayaking with Kids {South Coast}

Its this time of the year again! Its SPRING!!! What to do with the kids after the school holidays? Need to get away for a weekend?

Check out what we did not too long ago! Glass Bottom Kayaking with our Kids. AAAAAMAAAAZING

Thinking that taking small kids out onto kayaks or SUPs is perhaps a bit to risky?

I can totally understand your line of thought. But the earlier you get them started into outdoor adventures with you - the earlier you will be able to do other adventures - because you train them.

So thanks to our good friends Maria and Max we went onto another adventure: Glass Bottom Kayaking with the Kids in Batemans Bay.

Driving down from Sydney isn’t as bad as you expect it to be. It will take you about 3-4 hours to drive. If you are looking for some travelling tips with kids check out my other article.

In our case we were lucky enough that my husbands sells motorhomes and we could borrow one for the weekend. All packed up we left on a beautiful Friday morning - the kids excited in their seats. Our goal for the afternoon was to get to the Big 4 Campground in Batehaven.

Batehaven Big 4 is a great place to have some fun with kids, awesome camping ground with heaps of activities to do for the kids with the beach just at the doorstep. Friday afternoon evening was simply running around, stretching our legs after the drive and enjoying the autumn sun. The kids soon played with a bunch of other kids, riding their scooters around. (*Note to myself: perhaps a tent would be good for future outdoor adventures :)*)

So what was next? Saturday morning was what we were all talking about. What would it be like? What kind of animals would we get to see? What would the water conditions be like? Who else would join us on the tour?

Josh from Region X had been super helpful when booking the tour. He encouraged us to take the morning tour with our young kids as the water conditions would be calmer. Their kayaking tours run from 4 booking per tour and you can choose if you’d prefer a morning or lunchtime paddle.

On Saturday morning, we got up early and packed up the Motorhome (downside of a motorhome - whenever you want to go places you have to pack up everything - lucky we travelled light) and drove to Cullendulla Reserve just across the bay from Batehaven.

Arriving early in time, we offered our tour guide Josh some coffee, had a chat and got ready. Life Vests are a must for all participants and then Josh gave us a briefing on how to paddle with a kayak and look after the kids at the same time. The girls excitedly carried our paddles down to the beach.

When we reached the water we could see that Josh was right, only small rippling waves today - perfect for glass bottom kayaking!

Out we paddle and all of us are eager to spot our first sea creatures. Oh boy - we starting discovering animals straight away: Stingrays, heaps of fish, a read octopus and even a little bronze whaler. The little shark unfortunately got caught in a crab pot and was beyond saving. This made us all a bit sad but reminded us of the importance of protecting and saving our ocean.

After a short break with some healthy and some not so healthy treats we paddled back to the beach, having heaps of fun in the little surf with the kayaks, splashing each other with water and having the time of our life. Our little munchkins loved it so so much and asked Josh heaps of questions that he patiently answered. They learned a lot and even now (a couple of weeks later) they are still pointing out to stingray holes in the sand.

Thank you Josh from Region X for this beautiful experience. We hope that many more families can make the drive down to Batemans Bay to experience nature, bond with their children, experience the beauty of the South Coast and simply have a moment to breath and enjoy life.

If you have the time to stay a bit longer, Josh will have some great insider’s tips for you on what to do in the area. We can only recommend going down to Mossy Point (25 min drive south from Batemans Bay) and taking out the SUPs (you can rent them from Region X down there if you want to) and get the kids out on the rivulet. You will see some interesting animals there as well and perhaps even the big spotted stingrays that are hanging around there.

After our little day adventure, we got back to the campsite and had a relaxing afternoon and evening. The next day was spent on the SUPs for a little while before it was time to head back home. What a beautiful time out we had as a family. Truly needed and totally worth the drive!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know, if you would like us to share some of your family experiences. 


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