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Family Adventures in Tasmania

Hiking around Dove Lake - Tasmania

Ever wanted to explore Tasmania but feel like you can’t if you’re travelling with young kids? Think again. While founding the famly App Founder, we had a family adventure in Tasmania with my husband and two kids (2.5 and 4.5 years old). Here are some highlights for all ages.

Head to Table Cape

A volcanic plug fantastic for ocean views. You might even spot a whale from here!

Just needed the right clothes for this excursion :)

Drive about

Travelling withkids isn’t hard. Driving about one of the best things to do with kids in Tasmania. You can go animal spotting – cows and sheep to be exact, but kids will always love this.

Picnic at Rocky Cape

A hidden gem where you can hike and picnic in the national park. Make sure you leave the place spotless like how you found it.

Smithton and Stanley

Explore the cute little town of Smithton, surrounded by lush green fields. Then make your way to Stanley where the kids will love ‘The Nut’ Chairlift featuring spectacular 360-degree views of the area including Bass Straight and Rocky Cape National Park. There’s also a short 2km summit walk that’s perfect for the entire family.

Cruise along the Arthur River

An absolute must-see that’s fun for everyone. A fantastic and engaging experience – the kids can help to steer the boat as well as hold the tooth of a Southern Right Whale and Orca Whale, and enjoy face painting activities.

Feel the Edge of the World

Tassie sits directly in wild roaring forties (strong westerly winds). This exciting spot will show you the true power of Mother Nature!

Edge of the World - Beauty

Relax in Launceston

A great place to relax after the active, outdoor fun. Explore the James Boag’s brewery and stay for a drink or two, or dive in at the Launceston Leisure and Aquatic Centre – guaranteed to be fun for everyone.

Explore hidden beaches

Sisters Beach is a beautiful white-sand spot surrounded by Rocky Cape National Park in North West Tassie that’s great for family downtime.

Extra tips for travelling in Tasmania with your family

  • Get an Airbnb or farm stay, or even a camper trailer.

  • If you’re flying, rent a car (or motorhome if you’re planning on moving around a lot).

  • Make a lot of short trips by car, then get out, explore and walkabout!

  • Get your gear right – Tassie can be hot, cold, windy and wet so be prepared with hiking boots, gum boots, rain jackets, thermal basics and underwear and extra clothes – just in case.

  • Take snacks – eating out in some hidden spots aren’t as easy to make sure you pack a picnic or simple snacks.

  • Take your Lonely Planet Guide.

  • Plan a few things only – don’t pack a full day when you’re travelling with kids. It’ll just end with frustration.

  • Plan things that interest you as adults too – let the kids tag along. You can always offer a distraction or reward if they behave, or just go at a time when they’re asleep in the pram/carrier.

  • It’s wine o’clock most of the day on a holiday so don’t be so hard on yourself and enjoy!

What are your tips? Can you add some great tips to this list? Would love to hear what you think!

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