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Turn your kids' screentime into educational time! How?

I am sure that like many others you have already sorted all your after-school activities for this term. 

  • Want to try something different this term?

  • Do you want to get your child to actively participate in a STEM activity after school or on weekends?

  • Looking for an activity where you can still use your Creative Kid's Voucher and save $100 on a Term activity this year? - Hurry you only have a few weeks left to use that voucher!

Well, look no further. We have discovered a way for you to spend only a few $$ to get your kids into designing & coding their very first games from home

Mike Gardiner from Buzzy Games developed a software that allows kids to learn how to code their first games in a safe and guided environment. Turn that screen time of your kids into educational time. Less You Tube, Fortnite or Xbox! Now your kids can become creators with the help of the amazing Buzzy Games Coaches.

The kids get to work in groups of 4 (each kid coding from their own home) and are supervised by a Buzzy Game Coach. The kids will learn how to create up to 3 games in the course and can battle the games out with their friends straight away.

Parent Alert: Buzzy Games is offering a 2- week money-back guarantee for everyone! So, if your child doesn’t like it after the first 2 weeks you can cancel the course and get your money back* 

So what do you get when you sign up your child for a 4-week or 8-week Term course with Buzzy Games?

  • All levels of experience welcome

  • Suitable for Kids aged 6-14

  • Team: 1 Coach | Max 4 kids 

  • 4- or 8-Weeks program60min per lesson

  • $100 off with your creative kid' voucher

  • Your kid's friends could all code together - just create a team of 4 here

Equipment your kids need for this adventure:

  • 1 Computer or Tablet1

  • Smartphone or Tablet (Game Controller)

  • Headset or Headphones with microphone

  • Stable internet connection

Pricing (Use Creative Kids’ Voucher & Discount Code: BUZZYGAMES25):

  • $50 for 4 weeks – normal price $185

  • $150 for 8 weeks – normal price $285

  • Keep coding after this? $59 for ongoing monthly coding challenges under the guidance of a Buzzy Games Coach

Sign up your kids for this adventure and introduce them to coding and game design in a new and fun way NOW!

Each week the coach will arrange a time for a video call game jam where the team members will create and code games together. For more information on the weekly run-down please click here.

And remember to use your creative kids' voucher from Service NSW to get $100 off the term booking fee!

Want more information? Mike and his team are happy to answer all your questions! Simply send them an email here or head over to their website and click on the chat-box (bottom right).


*Money-Back guarantee: Buzzy Games will refund the amount you had to pay on top of the Creative Kids’ Voucher. So, if you sign up for the 4-week course and paid $85 you will receive $85 back into your nominated bank account. Refunds usually take 5-7 business days. The Creative Kid’s Voucher can’t be refunded. So, give it a go! 

There is nothing to lose but to give your child the option to explore something new!

If you have any further questions contact the Buzzy Game Team directly. They will be super happy to discuss any of your questions with you.

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